After a War and 67 Years, Norm Johnson Receives His High School Diploma

Last week was one of those rare weeks, where I was the recipient of a public relations campaign for a fantastic program: “Operation Recognition!” Now you probably haven’t heard much about this program, as the local newspapers do not seem to cover veteran projects very often. I hadn’t heard of it myself, until I returned […]

Mel Larson “A Lucky Man”

Mel Larson and Norm at Old-Timers Dinner in 2011

I lost a friend on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2016. November is the 11th month of the year. Add 11 and 2 and you get 13. That was an important number for my friend. You see 13 was his lucky number: His home address, phone numbers […]

A Man Named Joe

During a person’s lifetime, you are confronted by choices that can honestly make a difference in your life. There are often roads in front of you, and unknowingly you have to make a decision—hopefully you take the right path. You may get it right the first time, and most often for me at least, you […]

A Quick Story From The 1967 PGA Golf Tournament

In 1967 I was a sports columnist for the Las Vegas Sun, and a story I wrote about Moe Dalitz and his PGA golf tournament at the Desert Inn Hotel, had gotten me blackballed from his two Strip Hotels and the tournament. But, Hank Greenspun stood up for my story when Dalitz, who supposedly knew […]

Tom Rubin at the Ron DeCar’s Event Center, Golden Rainbow’s Ribbon of Life and This and That with Esther Lynn

From the successful gurus who first brought you their methods to climb to the top…

Tom Rubin

…Now here comes anti-success guru Tom Rubin, who proves that the ladder of success (not to mention his comedic persona) has a few “loose screws.” Things will be looking up – at least from the bottom rung […]

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