“Karma” was designed to keep us coming back in lifetime after lifetime and redoing our lessons until we figured out the answer that works for us.  Because someone or something tells us what is right or wrong, by perception, we have to jump from one space to another, from one culture to another and so forth in our lifetimes to figure things out.  Who, however, determines what is right or wrong?  If something “bad” happened to a person, then it may be thought that that person had bad karma.  That person might not get the meaning of their actions because they do not remember what they did.  If something happens to me, and it seems unfair, I will probably think that I am a victim, and victims get victimized, which really seems unfair.  That cycle keeps karma going and going.




To find a reason for this dilemma, the idea of karma was invented.  Karma gave everyone a reason to undo whatever happened and to make up for a past life by getting another chance to make different decisions.  Karma is the philosophy that we have many life times to learn by experience.  We reap what we sow.  The problem is that this planet of suffering does not make it easy to know Truth.  This keeps us trapped in coming back over and over trying to find” the needle in the haystack” and the answers that would set us free.  We would run into many obstacles trying to make the best of the situation, until finally we make progress.


Another problem is our lack of memory of what happened before, so we wouldn’t fall for the same trap.  It doesn’t seem quite fair to be blind and without a record of the past experiences. In this book of life, we have one life running in many chapters, that we don’t remember reading.  In my opinion, the belief in karma is a vicious cycle, that keeps us from our True purpose which is simply learning, and experiencing in order to find our True Self.  The belief in Karma can lead to quilt and confusion because there is little chance to understand and see the whole picture.


I subscribe to the belief that this third dimensional life in this material world, is an “illusion.”  Existing in it is similar to taking a part in a play, and acting as a character with a certain script.  In this play, we forget that we are really the actor, not the character.  We enter a play and play out different scenarios, trying to remember who we are as the actor, and why we joined this play in the first place.




I feel the original intent to enter the material universal play, was to have a safe place to explore cause and effect.  We could forget the answer and try different effects through free-will, and eventually find our way back to truth and knowing.  “I will show you what I am by showing you what I am not.”  This play is a computer program, and a matrix of many possibilities.  If you really want to explore, you can choose to enter a matrix with many versions happening at the same time. We enter the play to further our connection and understanding of the God principles.


My question is who got in and changed the program to being “unfair?”




This Golden Age ends karma, and the unfairness.  The prior Piscean age was about “believing,” and the Aquarian age is about “Knowing.”  We will be given a choice to change our belief in karma and judgment to one of knowledge of the 5th Dimension and what I call Grace.  Grace means that we will get a lot of help, and be reminded of what we forgot we knew.  Grace will give us unlimited opportunity beyond our perception, so we can revert back to the actor of True Self and not the character we believe we are.  5th Dimension is a time of love, unity, truth, and absence of doubt.  Knowing truth and being able to discern truth to find one’s true self will be a choice.   It is everyone’s choice to exchange Grace, 5th Demission instead of karma.


Karma revolves around life cycles and entails coming back over and over to a world of suffering, while blinded without the knowledge and understanding how to change, however, what makes us think that there will always be the 3rd Dimension to come back too?  The new reality or 5th Dimension involves adapting our body, mind, and Spirit to vibrate at a higher frequency to keep up with the higher frequencies of our planet.  This is called ascension which is coming in this time period and giving us a chance to opt out of suffering.


People often wonder, whether this is an end of karma, means that evil gets away with all of its horrible deeds?  No! This will not excuse the wrongs and wrongdoings that have been done. They are magnets of what they created, and will reap whatever that is.  Evil is part of the illusion, and hosts many, but it is still an illusion, and eventually will be destroyed along with the matrix of illusion.


This is where forgiveness comes into play and is the solution to many of these concerns. There will be a magnetism of cause- and- effect.  As long as one chooses to change and live by higher standards, and walk out of the play of illusion to see the truth, then they will start a different path.  The Higher Vibrations are here and increasing.  We are moving toward love as opposed to hatred, and belief in a past grounded on fear. We can be magnets for amazing things.  If I carry magnets of negativity, then that is what I will attract to me.  This is a time of manifesting beyond our perceptions and limitations.  In the next column I will write about magnetism, and the changes coming.  I was given a gift quite a few years ago in the frequency, and vibration of this dimension.  It is magical and so much fun!  I am so excited that we have arrived at this point and time.  In the 3rd Dimension of insanity, is a door to reality for our taking.  Vibrate at the  Higher frequency by mind, body and spirit and WATCH YOUR LIFE CHANGE!



Chadwick Johnson

Chadwick Johnson

Speaking of the incredible, and fun… I had the pleasure to experience the grace of an up and coming, very popular and gifted singer.  His name is Chadwick Johnson.  I recently saw his new show at the Italian American Club.  He has arrived.  He captured, and engaged everyone in the audience.  Chadwick sings from his heart, and his voice is that of an angel.  He had a couple of friends joining him.  Michelle Johnson, Philip Drennen, and an old friend and roommate David Olivas, who made his saxophone speak a language that was existential.  

John Plows, Dan Ellis, and Danny DeMorales, joined to make this show one of the best shows my husband Steve, and I have been to.  Chadwick is the kind of person I was talking about in the 5th Dimension.  He has everything going for him.  You can tell about his spirituality from his voice, music choices, and the loving way he delivers and performs.  He made our  hearts sing.  When the show ended, you didn’t want it to stop. He brought tears to our eyes, and smiles to our hearts.

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