Master Class with Nancy Barr, Starting October 25th

Nancy Barr will be hosting a Master Class, starting on Oct 25, dealing with:


Ascension, and symptoms, what is happening with the shift and this timeline, tools to move into the Higher Dimensions while living everyday life, relationships, how to reprogram subconscious and conscious mind, history of earth and where we are at now, relationships, false selves and real selves, removing limitations and false programs, the symptoms and purpose of the dark night of the soul, laws that effect the Higher Realms, and our new purpose.




Each class will be on a different topic, and are separate so if you miss one for whatever reason, you can attend another.  We plan to tape so any will be available.


The classes will be about one hour, and held on Wed. evening at 6:30 PM.  There will be a $10 offering for each class attended.  Classes will be held at 3430 E Russell Rd, 89120 in the Conference Room.


Remove Limitations

Remove Limitations

If you have not had time to keep up on what is happening Spiritually, then come and catch up.  I feel this time is very serious and the shift is at hand… We are being offered everything we have ever wanted and much, much more!  Participation and tools to practice will be taught to make your life easier and will help change your life in a way that works… Remember the definition of success is easy.


In the last 3 yrs, I have been doing not-stop work of Ascending and Learning what we need to do to glide through this shift.  I promised some of you, that I would let anyone know what is happening when time was ready… While it is on-going process, here is a start.

First class will be this Wed., Oct 25, 6:30.  This class will deal with our planet, the MATRIX, what is Ascension, and what to do to move through it, symptoms, tools, the Soul, High Self, and more.  I am looking for people who are serious to CHANGING THEIR LIFE, AND MOVING TO THE HIGHER LEVELS OF WHO THEY REALLY ARE, AND LIGHTING UP THIS PLANET AND UNIVERSE.



Nancy Barr

You can reach Nancy Barr at 702 285-9069

Or by email here.


3430 E Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120

NE corner of Pecos and Russell behind Ministry Bld

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