14423Kendall Tenney, on of our better news anchors and a solid newsmen, is leaving KVBC-TV, channel 3, effective Dec. 23. Tenney plans on opening his own full-service public relations company in partnership with The Media& Marketing Group (M&M), a major company out of New Jersey. We’ll miss his informative and straight forward style of reporting. While on the subject of media types leaving their place of employment, the Las Vegas Sun notified some 30 staff members that their services would no longer be needed. Three of them, who this writer has known for a long, long time, are: Mary Manning (35 years as a top notch reporter at the paper), Jerry Fink (one of the best entertainment writers in our village) and Ron Kantowski (a top notch sports editor and writer). As a former sports editor at the Sun (when Hank Greenspun still called the shots), this writer just doesn’t understand the thinking of those in high places at Greenspun Media.



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