Documentary on the Life of Burlesque Queen Tempest Storm

Went to a party Saturday evening at Cindy Doumani’s home. It was supposed to be a small group of friends, but like Cindy said, “well it sorta got out of hand,” and ended up with about 100 of her friends being treated to drinks and buffet to watch a film. Let’s be honest we go to a lot of parties, but this one was a wee bit different.

Tempest Storm

Remember February was a Leap year month this year.  That meant that anyone born on February 29, gets to celebrate their birthday once every four years. Most celebrants, however, pick either the 28th or March 1st the other three years. Now what made this one so special was the celebrant—a young lady with bright long red hair, a cute little figure, with the name of Tempest Storm, who was celebrating her 23rd actual birthday (she’s 92. Yep, folks, if you are in the upper age group between the age of somewhere like 70 and above) that name just may bring back a memory or two.  She was one of the top of the ladder Burlesque Queens during the roaring 1950’s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, along with Sally Rand, Lili St. Cyr, and Blaze Starr to name a couple of the fabulous ladies that took it all off on the stages of the world.

Ms. Doumani has known Ms. Storm for years and has held a few parties in her honor over those years—and this one was going to be special in more way than just a simple birthday party. Oh, no, this one would preview a special documentary film detailing some of those 92 years.

Now, I can remember as a young teenager growing up in Los Angeles I actually went with my grandfather to a theater in downtown Los Angeles to watch Sally Rand perform. When I eventually moved to San Diego one of my neighbors managed a burlesque theater in downtown San Diego. His son Don and I were buddies and we would sometime get to go with his dad on a weekend and sit backstage and watch the ladies do their thing. Never thought about it being special, as the ladies treated us real nice, like we were part of the family. Later in my life, when I was a sports reporter covering the L.A. Dodgers and Angels, one of the hangouts after a game was a strip nightclub on Sunset Blvd., in Hollywood called the Club Largo, owned and operated by a character named Chuck Landis.  He was a major sports buff, and comped reporters and sports figures when we stopped by after a game.  I believe that is where I first met Tempest Storm.  Man was she a beauty and believe me she still is today!

The film covers her life: the fame, a few of the warts, losses of loved ones, failing as a mother, and derision in the press when she married a black entertainer, singer/ actor Herb Jeffries, growing up in Georgia, being raped by a group of young boys when she was in her early teens, and the loss of being allowed into her daughters life. She tells the story in the film.  You feel for this lady who wants nothing more than to be able to see her daughter once again, and to be able to hug her granddaughter.  You sit there and watch her calling year after year and leaving a message with no reply ever. Finally, near the end of the film she goes to where her daughter lives, checks into a hotel, calls her and leaves a message “I’m at the hotel and would love to visit with you,” she said. Within a few minutes the phone rings and it’s a voice on the other end, asking “what are you doing in town…” The end result, Tempest Storm leaves without seeing her family and mails a card to her daughter.

This is a biographical movie that has mixed feelings. It’s not all goodie good stuff for its star.  But, that’s what makes this film special.  She tells it like it is—raw truth!

So, should you have the chance to watch the film, “Tempest Storm” on iTunes or check your local provider–do watch it. It’s a very unusual film!



Wear Red Shoes for Kyra to McMullan’s on St. Baldrick’s Shave Day March 7th. This event is no longer just about McMullan’s Irish Pub, located at  4650 W Tropicana Ave, 89103, it’s a community event that has grown each year and spreads the word about the desperate need for funding and awareness for pediatric cancer research.

Team Kyra

Fourteen years ago, the first event was held, and nobody had a clue what they were doing, and over the years everyone is so proud that it is now a community event. It’s the pubs favorite day of the year. A magical day that brings out the best in everyone. Team Kyra was started three years ago to honor their daughter who has inspired a community to step up for children’s cancer research. Wear Red Shoes for  Kyra has become a fun and meaningful association for Team Kyra and the event at McMullan’s Irish Pub.

This year everyone is excited that so many schools are taking part and doing their own shave events. Kids stepping up for Kids, it doesn’t get much better than that.

McMullan’s Irish Pub unites with Nine Fine Irishmen at NYNY (7th March), 7th and Carson Restaurant (7th March). Khourys Fine Wine and Spirits (14th March), Lied Stem Academy (13th March), Veterans Tribute Career & Technical Academy (13th March), Faiss Middle School (25th March), Rogich Middle School (25th March), Founders academy (28th March), The Las Vegas Lights (28th March), Fertitta Middle School (16th March). The Sons and Daughters of Erin (14th March) among other in support of St. Baldrick’s Foundation this year. Together the collective group has raised $8.6 Million for St Baldrick’s.

All the dedicated ‘shavees’, barbers, volunteers and committee members who have participated for seven years become ‘Knights of the Bald Table’. An experience looked forward to by all participants. Throughout the day you will be able to see people being knighted on stage in honor of their contribution to this great cause. The event is live streamed and thus enables friends and families far and wide to be able to watch loved ones being shaved.

Kids cancer research is severely underfunded and needs us all to step up. Let’s give all children the best possible options to live a long and healthy life. Research Saves Lives.


Murray SawChuck

Murray SawChuck takes over as the newest comedy Guest Star of Fantasy at Luxor. Murray is now doing double duty headlining his own show at The Tropicana Las Vegas inside the Laugh Factory then buzzing across the street to The Luxor to perform in Fantasy at 10:30 p.m. nightly!

Murray is a chameleon from bouncing around on TV’s Wipe Out, Large Scale Illusionist on NBC’s America’s Got Talent and CW’s Masters of Illusion or as a Historian on History Channel’s Pawn Stars. As long as magic is the thread Murray will make it happen, from his family friendly show at the Laugh Factory inside the Tropicana to his tongue and cheek adult comedy in Fantasy.  When Murray is asked, how have you always worked? Murray stated, “When the phone rings you say YES! Then figure out how you are going to do it! If you are a pro you’ll figure it out and keep on working! I have been in the business for 41 years, it’s all I know!”


V.Unbeatable at America’s Got Talent

After winning AGT: Champions , dance crew V.Unbeatable commits to bringing the best of India’s live entertainment to communities across the U.S. through securing an exclusive representation deal with Las Vegas-based Indian entertainment and cultural event promoter Desh Vegas.  Captivating millions of viewers with their explosive and emotive performances, the 29 dancers of V.Unbeatable plan to become more of a household name this year. The crew’s first official U.S. tour (dates and details forthcoming) promises to provide fans with an up-close, heavy dose of their contagious energy and remarkable routines.


Desh Vegas will present V.Unbeatable Live as the first of numerous shows and events spotlighting top Indian talent in dance, comedy, music, sports, film, culinary arts and beyond.

As Mumbai’s hottest dance crew, V.Unbeatable rose to international fame in 2019 when they received the ‘Golden Buzzer’ from guest judge Dwyane Wade on season 14 of America’s Got Talent. The team were fan favorites throughout the season and finished in the top five, which clinched their invite to compete in America’s Got Talent: Champions in 2020. Judge Howie Mandel made the team his ‘Golden Buzzer’ pick, immediately placing them into the semi-finals, where they continued to wow audiences, ultimately bringing home the Champion title for the season.



“V.Unbeatable claiming top honor on AGT: Champions signifies a massive step forward for Indian entertainment and cultural representation here in America,” said Ram Ramanathan, Manager of Desh Vegas. “Desh Vegas is proud to bring V.Unbeatable to cities across the country, and we plan to highlight many other cherished Indian artists, creators and customs, not only the year ahead, but for years to come.”


The V.Unbeatable tour will kick off in Las Vegas later this year with an Indian-infused weekend of events, before the crew continues on to headline additional venues around the country. For more information on Desh Vegas and to stay updated on V.Unbeatable Live, visit and follow Desh Vegas on Instagram.


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