G’Day Las Vegas with Greg Bonham at The Smith Center

Greg Bonham
Greg Bonham

Australian powerhouse entertainer, Greg Bonham, will bring his soulful voice and sizzling trumpet playing in a very special show, “G’Day Las Vegas,” to the intimate Cabaret Jazz at The Smith Center, Friday, May 16 at 7 p.m.


Backed by an all-star 10-piece band, Bonham will perform hit songs from John Legend, U2, Maynard Ferguson, Bruno Mars, Michael Buble, and everything in between, as well as original songs including, “We Are Here to Love” and “Who Will Stand.”

I can personally guarantee that you will be blown away with the talent of this guy, who I have known personally, and as a client many years ago, for more than 20 years.  I first met him at the old Sands Hotel when he was headlining the Copa Showroom. I have worked with a ton of big entertainers, and some barely known ones, over the years, but none were as easy to work for as Greg.  And, talent, wow he has it all!  And, I must toss in a little “hello” to his daughter, who is one of the beautiful people of our town, Rebel Bonham.


Born and raised on a farm in the Australian outback, Bonham dreamed of becoming an entertainer. After winning a national TV talent competition, in Australia, he quickly made a name for himself with numerous television appearances, and hit recordings. Attracting legions of fans and rave reviews from critics, he continued his success, starring in his own TV special in the UK, and selling 14-million records in Eastern Europe.

With his wife and daughter, he moved the family to the United States, where he quickly became an opening act for a number of top entertainers including, Jay Leno, Don Rickles, and Joan Rivers. Bonham is “up from down under,” and now calls Las Vegas home, while headlining throughout the U.S. Greg is a huge favorite with corporate America.


Reviewing Bonham’s performance, Sydney’s Daily Mirror said he is, “one of the most powerful entertainers I have ever seen.” His exciting, energetic performance and charismatic Aussie charm captivates audiences everywhere.


Tickets start at $42, and are on sale now at The Smith Center Box Office, 361 Symphony Park Avenue, or by phone at 702.749.2000, or 808.326.6868 (TTY), and online at TheSmithCenter.com.

For preferred seating and special rates for groups of 10 or more, contact 702.749.2348.





Sue Lowden

Now a little bit about a long-time personal friend who is running for Lt. Governor, Sue Lowden. I have known Sue and her husband, Paul, for more years than I can count. I remember when she first went to work for Channel Eight TV as an anchor/reporter, who incidentally won some major awards for her reporting. I remember when she was first elected as a State Senator in 1992, beating out a very popular Democrat (she was of course a Republican as she is today). In 1995, this reporter had open heart surgery in a new cardiology section at Sunrise Hospital. Sue had voted for, and pushed through the legislation, for the money that was needed to fund what was then a very badly needed heart center. I was the first patient to use the new center. Lowden asked my surgeon if she could tour the completed center, and possibly watch the surgery.  Of course I was asked to approve, which I did.


Please understand that was almost 20 years ago. Now there is an opponent of Lowden who is going around hitting her with some nasty sound bites, “She donated funds to Harry Reid….” Well, guess what? She and her husband (who I actually knew before I met Sue) owned) a few hotel/casinos in Las Vegas, and in Laughlin, Nevada.  Now I have never asked her why she donated funds to my friend Harry. I would not be that presumptuous. However, It was common practice in those days for Casino owners and management to donate funds to both sides of an election—Democrats and Republicans. It was, and I believe still is, how funds are donated. It just depends on if it is an equal amount, or maybe a wee bit smaller for one party over another or a candidate. Harry Reid was and is a powerful Senator. It would be awful dumb not to donate a few bucks to his campaign. How many attorneys have donated to both parties during an election—especially judges?


I’m just pointing out the obvious. I am not telling you, nor am I asking you to vote for Sue Lowden, and I never would. But, I do prefer a fair and honest field to play in—not the kind being waged against a good, honest, hardworking lady, who only wants to do what’s good for Nevada. So, she still owes a few dollars from an old campaign. What candidate hasn’t owed money after an election? I would venture to say there are a number of them out there, who lost and are still paying off a campaign debt. The lady didn’t declare bankruptcy did she? Just vote for who you really feel is going to do what is good for Nevada.



Pawn Stars Rick Harrison and Art Encounter's Brett Maly
Pawn Stars Rick Harrison and Art Encounter’s Brett Maly

Pawn Stars fine art appraiser Brett K. Maly is holding a book signing for his just released book The Pocket Picker: For Fine Art”at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, 713 S Las Vegas Blvd., on Saturdays and Sundays, May 17-18 and 24-25 from 2-3 p.m.  Maly’s book is intended to be a field guide for ‘pickers’ to take with them on their picking expeditions. The book is approximately 7” by 5” with a soft cover and was designed to slip into a purse or trouser pocket. Maly covers all you need to know to buy fine art.  In addition to appraising fine art for collectors and institutions, Maly has appeared as an expert on radio and television, including a recurring role on the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars,” where he has discussed everything from fine art valuation, to its collection and preservation.

“Pawn Stars” Rick Harrison and Gold and Silver Pawn Shop owner wrote the forward in the book. “After 25 years in the business, I may never know what’s going to come through my door…but I do know fine art is becoming a bigger part of it,” said Harrison. “When I’m presented with unknown works, or have questions about an intriguing piece I may be inclined to buy, I always get the best advice I can find. For the past four years, Brett has been my “art guy.”


Harrison reinforces the fact that purchasing fine artworks for investment has the potential to be lucrative, but warns it is not for the uninitiated. “The Pocket Picker: For Fine Art” provides expert information and is an excellent quick reference source. Fine art expert Maly has served as Art encounter’sdirector for 20-plus years. He is certified as an appraiser through UC Irvine’s Certification Program in Fine and Decorative Arts, is a member of the American Society of Appraisers, and has completed his certification in Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) (certification 2004/re-certification 2009).


Well, gang, that’s about it this week.

I’m outa here!

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