It’s The Norm 10-21-10

It had been quite some time since this writer visited the Palms Hotel on West Flamingo, so when an invitation arrived from PR Plus to see a new act, I of course accepted. And, to be perfectly honest with you, I’m glad I did.

Lior Suchard, 28, is a mentalist and a darn good one too! The Tel Aviv native is billed as the Supernatural Entertainer, which befits Suchard’s ability to entertain and wow an audience. It’s pretty hard to pull off a gimmick show with an audience made up of men and women from the media and VIPs, which was his audience last Tuesday evening. But, and I want to again emphasize, Lior is really fabulous. This writer has seen the best, from Uri Geller to Las Vegas’ very own Gerry McCambridge, and I must say he is among the top three, of all the mentalists I’ve ever seen.  Lior does it all. The other evening, he took a young lady’s diamond ring, fooled around with it and made it disappear. It was nowhere to be found—but it was found, and guess where? On the girls’ finger? No, but he told her it was and she looked. It was found on a locked keychain. I thought that was neat. Another one of Lior’s amazing mentalist exhibitions was his ability to read a persons’ mind, and tell that person what she or he was thinking. He would ask a person to think of their first love—and darn if he doesn’t get the name. Lior asked a pregnant lady if she had already picked a name for the baby, which she replied that they (her husband was there) had. He asked her to think hard about the name. Guess what, gang? It was a very unusual name and Lior got it right!

I could go on and review the whole show, but that would spoil it for you. You have five weeks to catch Lior Suchard in the Palms intimate venue, The Lounge, each Thursday and Friday at 8 p.m. Tickets are $43 and $63. Suchard appeared most recently in Las Vegas as the opening act for the legendary Joan Rivers.

Show producer, Ed Matthews, brings “Hit Parade The Show,” a fully-scripted book musical, to the Suncoast Showroom, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 30-31, with show times set for 7:30 p.m. each evening.

Based on the old radio and television show formats, ”Hit Parade The Show” takes the audience on a journey through time, illustrated by the music and dances made popular during the ‘50s and ‘60s. Snapshots of pivotal events such as post-World War II, and the progress of the ‘60s Civil Rights Movement, will be painted during the show, hopefully stirring up memories of a time gone by.

Mathews utilizes performers regularly featured in his weekly matinee variety show, “Suncoast Hit Parade.” Performers include the Lionardo Orchestra, Carmine Mandia (Shades of Sinatra), Mark Giovi (previously with the Las Vegas Tenors), Genevieve Dew (“Lady Day”), Ronnie Rose, Ron Smith  (Tournament of Kings), Fifth Avenue, The Swing City Dolls, Charly Raymond and the Andrea and The Tim Dance Team (Jubilee!). “This fully scripted production incorporates two decades of great music, reflective of the times they were introduced; including the birth of rock, pop and soul,” said producer Ed Matthews. “It is my hope that Hit Parade The Show will be a living tribute to the past and will bring back only the fondest of memories.”

Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available starting from $19.95, plus tax and convenience fees, and can be purchased by calling the Box Office at 702.636.7075 or visiting Save on convenience fees by purchasing the tickets in person at Coast Casinos.


I have a photograph that is extremely beautiful, and is definitely a collector’s item if you are into Desert Photography. Michael Fatali is recognized as one of the most acclaimed photographers of the desert, and especially those beautiful caverns rarely seen by the general public. Well, to make a long story short, I would like to sell one of mine. It’s titled “Shadow Gardens,” and was framed and signed by the photographer and is number 6. It was purchased 10 years ago and I have posted a photo. If interested send me an e-mail and I’ll contact you.

Took a trip across town to West Sahara to have a hamburger the other day. Now I love a good hamburger, but under normal circumstances I wouldn’t drive 20 miles to get one. But, again, the invitation was from a friend, so we jumped in the old Camaro and tripped the light fantastic to “Smashburger,” for a special treat. Now the companion is on a salad kick, so she ordered her chicken salad, while I went for the biggie, The Smashburger. And, gang, it was worth the drive. It was huge, juicy, and with all the trimmings, was almost too much to eat. So, you better be hungry when you decide to stop in and give it a try.

The guys (and gals) from the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) will make their Fall stop-off for the Las Vegas Nationals at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway’sThe Strip,” Oct. 28 to 31. All the names you have become accustomed to will be on hand to roar down the ¼ mile Strip, as some of the Championships are still up for grabs. There will be four professional categories competing: Pro Stock, Pro Motorcycle, Top Fuel and Funny Car. Tickets are available by calling (702) 644-4444.

Well, gang, that’s about it for this week. I’m outa here!