IT’S THE NORM 12-10-2010

The Tiffany Theater at the Tropicana Hotel/Casino is alive, well and ready to showcase three of the most exciting acts to grace its stage in decades. Eagle Group Holdings, owner of the soon to be opened, “Las Vegas Mob Experience,” has taken over management of the theater, and plans to make it the premier entertainment venue in Las Vegas. It’s all part of an overall plan to revamp the entire property, and return it to its rich history, and as a prime destination property.

First to open was, “Yesterday,” a tribute to the Beatles. This show is considered by many critics to be the ultimate Beatle show, and as such has received critical acclaim world wide. Don Bellezzo, a fabulous John Lennon impersonator, came up with the idea in 1986. “Yesterday” has performed its tribute show, “The British Are Coming,” for audiences around the world, and the current show ran for three years at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.

“Yesterday” has been featured on a slew of radio and television shows, and was featured in “Rolling Stone” magazine. Editors and producers alike have praised the show as “being the closest to the real thing.” The New York Daily News said, “An explosion! A wonderful blast from the past,” while the Los Angeles Times wrote, “’Yesterday’” gets it right.”

Second show to hit the boards of the newly remodeled theater is “Sideswipe,” a fast moving show that combines extreme martial arts with gravity-defying acrobatics. “Sideswipe” was discovered on the television show, “America’s Got Talent.”

Show times for “Yesterday” are 5:30 p.m., with “Sideswipe” scheduled for a 4 p.m. time slot. Tickets start at $29 for either show. For further information, call the box office at (702) 739-2417

When I was a youngster growing up in East Los Angeles, I couldn’t wait for the month of December to come rolling around. That was because my Mom, Ethel, would take me downtown to a huge department store. We would ride the “Red Car,” which was an express rail to city center. The department stores (I remember there were two) always decorated the windows with unbelievable scenes. But, inside was the big lure. They both had huge model train layouts (of course they were promoting the sale of the Lionel Train sets) that were totally mind-boggling ling. The other really huge attraction was the mystery tunnel you got to walk through, and at the end of the tunnel there was always a gift box for each and every kid. Gosh, that was a wonderful adventure. We never missed it, until they stopped the practice in 1942.

Why am I telling that story? Well, a very good friend and one heck of a true humanitarian, has opened up his automotive store for a worthy group of Las Vegans. Jim Marsh, who I have known since he purchased his first store on Fremont Street back in the late ‘60s, has turned his dealership into a great Christmas show for everyone, from one to eighty-one (we all have some kid left in us, don’t we?). In previous years, The Las Vegas Garden Railway Society’s Annual Christmas Model Train Exhibit, was always located at the Centel Building on Valley View. They had to find a new home this year, and Marsh stepped up to the plate. The Christmas Train Exhibit is free of charge with any voluntary contributions (yes, you can throw a few quarters in the bucket) will go directly to the Shade Tree Shelter of Las Vegas. Hours are from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday until Christmas Eve.

I can not stop thanking Jim Marsh for what he did for Jeneane Marie, of whom I wrote about the last two weeks. The entertainer needs a hip replacement, and of course had no insurance. So a group of fellow entertainers held a benefit last Sunday. Marsh had guaranteed to match every dollar raised up to $6,000. Well, the turnout was wonderful, but not huge. Our man about town did it again; he guaranteed the hospital the first $25,000, thereby insuring that Jeneane would be admitted for surgery. She goes into the hospital Monday. Now that’s what I call a true humanitarian. Jim Marsh does it out of his heart. Not for the publicity, and not to be given some kind of an award (which he truly deserves). Heck, If I didn’t know about it personally, I don’t think anyone would’ve heard about it. Reminds me of another guy who helped so many people without any fanfare—Frank Sinatra. I can attest to it!

Well, gang, that’s about it for this week, and what is turning into a beautiful December. Gosh I miss riding that Red Car with my Mom, and watching the model trains. I’m outa here!