It's The Norm 4-1-10

A very good friend of this writer, Annette Falcone, sent me some information about a gig she will be performing in come this June. Oh, did I mention, Ms. Falcone is the wife of the “Conductor to the Stars,” Vince Falcone? Well she is!

Annette is a member of the Performing Arts Club in Anthem, and, as such, volunteered to sorta audition for a musical, titled at this time, “Magic Moments,” which will premiere on June 3-4-5, with a special matinee on June 6th. What a lot of her neighbors didn’t know, is that our little bundle of Italian dynamite is a fine professional singer. I’ve heard her sing when attending a few private parties, at Vera (Mrs. Robert) Goulet’s home, but never in public. Her super husband, Vince, from what I’ve been told, will, just possibly, accompany her if he’s not on the road with one of his stars. If that happens, and Vince is able to play the piano for Annette, it’ll a first for the theater, in that most of the performers sing to a sound track (tape).

Mrs. Falcone has been selected to perform in three sections of the musical. The director, George Gingerelli, is re-creating a variety of famous songs from Broadway musicals, and the great musicals created on film. Annette auditioned for “Making Whoopee,” from “The Fabulous Baker Boys,” and “Maybe This Time,” from Cabaret. She will also do a walk-on part, in which she portrays, Natalie Wood as a young girl in the movie, “Gypsy.”

Annette also informed me that when the tickets go on sale, one would think it’s like a rock concert. People line up for hours before the box office opens. Tickets go on sale, May 17, and are priced at $10 for residents and $12 for us non-residents.  I have ordered my tickets from my friend for opening night.

Bob Kephart’s Comedy Stop at the Sahara Hotel continues to book three headlining comedians each and every week. Located in the Sahara Showroom, the comedians take to the stage following the Rick Thomas Magic Show at 9 p.m. Unfortunately, Thomas does not always end his show on time and the Comedy Stop sometimes does not get everyone seated until around 9:15 p.m. But, once seated, the laughter begins and continues for 80 to 85 minutes.

Appearing this weekend (March 29 to April 4) is longtime regular Greg Morton, magician Harry Maurer and new to the Las Vegas Comedy Stop, Lucas Brown.

quinnQuinn Dahle
headlines April 5-11, along with Michael Gelbart and Paul Lyons. Dahle grew up in Minnesota, finished high school in Colorado, and went to college in Arizona, where he got his first taste of being a stand-up comedian.  Not too long after getting the stage bug, young Quinn checked out of Arizona State University and headed for the bright lights of Los Angeles. He is considered by many to be a smart, clean and witty comic with impeccable timing.

“Ever since I was a kid, everyone around me, including my immediate family, told me I should do stand-up,” Dahle said. “So, naturally, that was always on my mind and now…here I am!”

Paul Lyons can’t stop winning. He’s been the Inspirational Coach for The Washington Generals, Lindsay Lohan and Ted Kaczynski. Paul always looks on the bright side of life. Paul’s cat will not use the kitty litter, “he’s always thinking outside of the box,” Williams explained. Paul reportedly has A.D.D., but as he sees it, “I’m multi tasking.” After Williams’ drivers license was revoked, he celebrated, saying, “I just saved a bundle on my car insurance.”

Showtime for the Comedy Stop at the Sahara Hotel is 9:00 p.m. Tickets start at $24.95 plus tax and fees, with a special ticket for locals (with proof of residence) priced at $19.95 plus tax and fees. For reservations call (702) 737-2878.


The Las Vegas Tenors, minus its founder Bill Fayne (he’s on the road with Clint Holmes), will be performing at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino, April 23-25. The group was originally formed in 2005 by four guys, Fayne, Mark Giovi, Bobby Black and Teddy Davey. Giovi left to pursue his own individual career, and the group is now comprised of Black, Davey and Chris Coyne.

The Las Vegas Tenors, without question, is one of the most liked groups appearing in our little village. The first time this writer heard them was at an open microphone night at the Bootlegger. I was literally blown away with their range of music, from Grand Opera to Broadway to Pop; they did and still do it all. The showroom at the Suncoast is sure to be SRO for the Tenors, with show time set for 7:30 p.m. and tickets priced at $19.95 plus tax.

The long anticipated return of the Frank Sinatra, Jr., show and his 20-piece band, also at the Suncoast, has added another show night, starting on Friday, April 9 and closing Sunday, April 11. Tickets for the 7:30 p.m. performances. are priced at $29.95 plus tax. For Suncoast ticket information call (702)636-7075.

Well, gang, that’s about it for yet another week. I’m outa here!