It's The Norm 4-23-10

Had a couple of invitations last week, both on the same day. The first one was from a place I used to frequent for its fabulous Bar-B-Que Ribs, while the second was from a casino, where I used to go to watch the ladies walk by (just kidding). By now you may know I’m referring to “Gilley’s,” now at its new home inside Treasure Island. The second location was the Hard Rock Hotel, and its new tower, fantastic new pools, and of course, the new SkyBar.

GilleysGirlsThe Original “Gilley’s Honky Tonk bar,” was created in Pasadena, Texas in 1971 by country music legend, Mickey Gilley. In 1980, John Travolta and a cast of future stars traveled to Pasadena and made a little film, ‘Urban Cowboy,” which not only vaulted its stars to legendary status, but absolutely lifted the bar towards the stars. Incidentally, I had the great pleasure of working with Mickey Gilley when he was book at the Dunes Hotel in the ‘80s. And, I have to tell you, he was a great guy to work with. I worked for a number of country stars when they appeared in our little village, and they were always just easy to work with. Can’t always say that about other entertainers who I’ve worked with: some were a pain in the butt!

Anyhow, the new “Gilley’s,” is situated next to Siren’s Cove and will have retractable glass for outdoor Strip seating, and will be accessible from inside the casino, and via a newly constructed bridge in front of the Siren’s ship. Its big draw, besides the tremendous food, is a little monster called, “The Mechanical Bull.” It’s a heck of a ride, believe me. In my younger days I actually climbed up on the monster, when it was at the old Frontier Hotel. I asked the operator to put it at a low speed—even that was a wee bit to much, as I was quickly dispatched to the padded floor. Once was enough for me—but I kept returning for the ribs.  Got to tell ya, if you want great food served by bikini-clad hostesses, and some good country music, then Gilley’s is a place for you. The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner, featuring a show kitchen and custom saddle seats at the bar, with live entertainment Thursday through Saturday, featuring line dancing and the world-famous Gilley Girls.

The battle between swimming pools has taken one giant leap for party goers, with the opening of the SKYBAR at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (HRH) the other evening.

Part of a huge $750 million expansion, the new very sophisticated lounge offers guests (and the public if you want to splurge $20.00) a new experience for sun-seeking guests, who also like being pampered. SKYBAR features a distinctive acrylic-edged pool with three peek-a-boo cutouts in the floor that act as skylight windows to the lower HRH Beach Club. You can lounge on plush bar seating, custom daybeds, couches and banquettes that pepper the teakwood plank floor. The lower SKYBAR pool features 14 luxurious cabanas surrounding a circular infinity wading pool.

SKYBAR has been a staple in the Los Angeles social scene for the past 14 years, entertaining everyone from celebrities to LA notables and guests alike, according to Kendra Cole of the SKYBAR in Los Angeles, “this is a perfect spot to further its legacy.”

“The new SKYBAR is the ultimate blend of Morgans Hotel Group’s history of refined socializing and the evolution of the new Hard Rock,” Phil Shalala, CMO of the Hard Rock, said.

The SKYBAR will be open daily from noon—8 p.m. with special nighttime hours. Admission is complimentary for guests and $20 for the public. Upscale beach attire is strictly enforced. Now I have no idea what that means, but I’m guessing that my old “Speedo” will not pass muster?


If you are out looking for a bargain and want to have a fun time, then look no further than the Comedy Stop at the Sahara Hotel. Producer Bob Kephart consistently books the best in stand up comedy each and every week. The Comedy Stop is going on 20 years in Las Vegas, with the “mother club” in Atlantic City celebrating its 28th year. Both clubs have won so many awards it’s impossible to name them all: the Las Vegas Comedy Stop has been honored with the “Best in Las Vegas” award seven times. Appearing Monday, April 26 through Sunday, May 2, will be three headliners: Hal Spear, Joe Delion and Manny Oliveira. Tickets for the 9 p.m. show at the Comedy Stop in the Sahara Theater, located on the main floor, are priced from $24.95 plus tax and fees. There is a special local ticket price (with proof of residence) for $19.95 plus tax and fees. Call (702) 737-2878 for reservations.

P1040253Attended a birthday party a couple of weeks ago for a very wonderful person. Janice MarieThe Goddess” Wilson celebrated her 60th birthday with a surprise birthday party put on by her family. I would guess there were about 75 close friends in attendance. One of the gifts to her was dancing lessons, which was a pre-birthday gift and the final dance session was filmed for the party. Oh, yeah, if you would like to hear Ms. Wilson discuss life, wellness, etc., listen to her radio blog every Monday morning by going Clicking Here You can also call in a question for her or her very special guest this Monday (April 26) Ms. Nancy Barr. Call (646) 652-4558

That’s about it for another week. I’m outa here!