New Year Eve Wishes

Some years, I give out my personal wishes for the New Year, and for various individuals, who I either know, want to know, don’t care to know or that I really like. This is one of those years!

To Nelson Sardelli: May your 2011 bring you more Presidents for the non-club Club that promises nothing but a good time to anybody, and may the new year bring better health to your family member!

To Nancy Barr: I pray that your predictions come true (only some of them), and that your flock grows to become an even more important factor in your life.

For Jackie Brett and Mel Carter: A most wonderful 2011, and since you are two of my very best friends, that we all gather now-and-then to continue to live it up for many years to come.

For Clint Holmes: Another year of wishing you nothing but the best in life, and that perhaps this will be the year your play gets to Broadway.

For Kelly Clinton-Holmes: That you stay healthy and as cute, funny, and friendly as you have always been (you are one of the best), and that your husband gets his wish fulfilled.

For Esther Lynn (aka Claire Voyant): That you hit the big jackpot on those wonderful poker machines you love so much, and that you keep digging into those who blemish our city.

For Dennis Bono: One of the nice guys in town, who has a great radio show. I hope you get a string of new stations across our country, so that everyone will know just how truly great our quaint village really is.

For Lorraine Hunt-Bono: I wish you nothing but the best in your endeavors, as you have just about everything a great person should possess, and you earned it the hard way.

For Charly Raymond: I wish for you and your trumpet to find a great gig in our little village, one that will allow you to show your talent to the world.

To Deana Martin: May you have a couple of return engagements in Las Vegas, so we can once again visit the music your great father, Dean Martin, sang so dynamically, and you sing so lovely.

For Frankie Randall: Here’s wishing you and your compadres in “That’s Italian,” a hundred gigs in 2011, and that a couple be right here in our village. That’s “Amore.”

To Gordie Brown: What can one wish for someone who has made it to the top of the ladder…well, I can wish you good health, happiness and that you continue being a nice guy. And, oh yeah, keep them pressed!

To Michaelina: May you finally find that person you are looking for to bring you happiness, and may you also have a hundred bookings in 2011. You are a magnificent person and, as a singer, no one is better!

For Loretta St. John: Another wonderful entertainer who deserves to have more exposure in a city that she helped to grow, and that she too gets a hundred paying gigs in 2011.

For President Obama: You have struggled to fulfill those promises you made when you took office, and I hope and pray you succeed in finishing the job during  the next two years, so that people will realize you are a good guy in a tough job.

For the Republican Party: Quit being negative, and become more positive for the sake of the country and its people who are hurting. Do not play the party line, but play what is good for the country, despite what the party leaders want you to do!

For the Democratic Party: Keep your cool and vote for what is right, regardless if it’s another party’s idea, and don’t give up the battle if you truly believe in the plan.

To Jim Marsh: May you sell 2,000 cars this year, because you deserve it. You are one of the few in our community who deserves to be honored for the many kind things you have done for the sick, poor and homeless of our village. Your reward is a heartfelt “Good job my friend.”

To Michelle Rohl: That you land that singing job you so much want in 2011, and that you and your daughter get to live in peace and happiness, away from all that was bad in the past.

For Brenda Weems: A better 2011, with your girls all finally settled down and living a life you always wanted for them, and that your son-in-law gets what he has wished for, be it where he is or in Chicago land.

For Manny Oliveira: One of the true gentlemen comics on the road today, who is mounting a one-person play in 2011. May your play be the success you envision, and that it goes far beyond your expectations.

To Cowboy Bill Martin: Another funny dude who has found his way at last. May you never look back, but maintain your future adventures in the most positive way, and that you never forget those who believed, when you thought it was hopeless!

And to all those who I omitted, it was not intentional but space prevented me from mentioning everyone I wanted to. May you all have a great New Year’s Eve celebration, and a fantastic 2011. I hope and pray there comes some peace on this precious earth of ours, and that we become even green conscious in 2011!

That’s it for 2010. I’m outa here!