Remembering George LevineAugust 17, 2018

I have lost another wonderful friend, and one that was a living Icon in a City of Icons. He, along with you and I, love this village we call home. George Levine really loved his town. Levine was The Captain of all the Captains of Showrooms. He was the Maître D of all Maitre d’ [...]


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One Year Ago

Donny Edwards as Elvis Presley at the WestgateAugust 16, 2017

It’s was my first visit back at the old Hilton Hotel, once called The International, and now the Westgate, in nearly a year. The draw last time was Vinnie Favorito (who is still there and doing great business), and this time it was a young entertainer by the name of Donny Edwards. Now that name [...]