Award Winning “FANTASY” Celebrates 22 Years a the LuxorOctober 23, 2021

Fantasy, the award-winning topless female revue at Luxor Hotel and Casino, celebrated its 22nd anniversary recently with the introduction of an electrifying new finale that brings the audience to their feet. Set to an arrangement of the legendary Donna Summer’s “Last Dance” by Fantasy’s music director, Christophe Filippi, the new number marks the return of accomplished choreographer Tiger Martina to the show. [...]


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Indy 500 Champion Takuma Sato’s Head Sculpted for Borg-Warner TrophyOctober 15, 2020

This is a story that was sent out to Indy 500 media types. And since there really is nothing to report entertainment wise, I thought it might make an interesting story for my readers so here it is just like I got it.  The writer of the story is by Bruce Martin for and Borg-Warner. It’s a great story about the Borg-Warner [...]