Remembering Marty Allen and Vic DamoneFebruary 15, 2018

I first met Marty Allen around 1957-58, not to sure exactly, but I do remember being at a Hollywood movie studio as a reporter when he and his partner, Steve Rossi, were signing a three-picture deal with the studio. It was big news at the time. Then I ran into the two of them, when [...]


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After a War and 67 Years, Norm Johnson Receives His High School DiplomaFebruary 16, 2017

Last week was one of those rare weeks, where I was the recipient of a public relations campaign for a fantastic program: “Operation Recognition!” Now you probably haven’t heard much about this program, as the local newspapers do not seem to cover veteran projects very often. I hadn’t heard of it myself, until I returned [...]


The Great Tony SaccaFebruary 6, 2017