Delivering with Dignity Looking for VolunteersJuly 1, 2020

Delivering with Dignity continues to grow in Southern Nevada and beyond. In Southern Nevada, during its first month of operation delivering with Dignity was delivering approximately 5,000 meals per week to residents struggling with poverty on a daily basis. Those who are most at risk, according to U.S. Center for Disease Control guidelines for contracting COVID-19, are those [...]


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D.C. Young Fly at the Tropicana Laugh FactoryJuly 7, 2019

The Laugh Factory at the Tropicana Las Vegas has pulled of a biggie in booking one of the hottest comedians on social media, D.C. Young Fly will be performing a special 7:00 p.m. show beginning this Monday through Thursday. D.C. Young Fly’s expansive work in the comedy, acting, and digital spheres have made him a [...]