Indy 500 Champion Takuma Sato’s Head Sculpted for Borg-Warner TrophyOctober 15, 2020

This is a story that was sent out to Indy 500 media types. And since there really is nothing to report entertainment wise, I thought it might make an interesting story for my readers so here it is just like I got it.  The writer of the story is by Bruce Martin for and Borg-Warner. It’s a great story about the Borg-Warner [...]


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One Year Ago

Las Vegas Book Festival With Norm Johnson and Karen LeslieOctober 16, 2019

Well, gang, the Annual Las Vegas Book Festival kicks off this Saturday at 9 a.m. at the old 5th Street School, 401 South 4th Street, located across the street from the Federal Courthouse in downtown Las Vegas.  And, guess what? Yours truly, along with fellow author, Karen Leslie, will be there all day selling and [...]