Use Your Imagination to Make Mountains out of Moleholes

Most of us have heard the old saying, “Making a mountain out of a molehill?” This usually means we make a slight difficulty seem like a serious problem. This phrase can be using our imagination to exaggerate when we speak, in a dramatic way. The phrase actually came from animals moving dirt to another place and building their mountain. 


This is the reason I am writing this. We all have had something irritating happen to us. Our mind and its imagination has built it into an all-day or longer event. It could be something someone said. Something someone did. A mistake we made and our imagination goes wild beating ourselves up. Our thoughts can take us for a ride of disappointment and fear. People who worry and use their imagination to program exactly what they don’t want. The more the mind goes over the problem, the more the imagination makes the problem bigger and bigger. The subconscious mind (the computer) feeds the imagination of many past events to support the molehill being the size of the mountain.


Making Mistakes

Making Mistakes

We are so good at doing this technique of exaggeration, that when it happens automatically, without any warning, or us being aware. What if we used this experience of making a molehill into a mountain to help ourselves. What if we could turn a bad habit into a powerhouse to manifest what we want?


The Law of Attraction requires us to do just that: To make mountains out of molehills in a reversed way. We already know how to do this in a negative way, with what we don’t want.  We know it works because it brings us misery. If there is something we really want like maybe a job, money, house, love, safety, and we do not have it or the right amount, and in our mind we have a reason for wanting it., then why not go after it.


Whatever it is, it’s not visible or in a form that we can physically use it yet. One of the biggest challenges is to believe we can have it. We don’t see the mountain near-by.  All we have is a small idea of what we want.  Maybe we don’t believe we can have what we want.  Perhaps we have been disappointed in the past so much, and our hopes has diminished our thoughts so much, to actually believe that what we want will not come to us.


Perhaps it is it is unworthiness issue. What is interesting, we seem to have the problem with using our imagination to manifest what we want by believing it is Real, before we see it.  Our thoughts don’t need the same sights to torture us with the possibilities of worry, as the molehill builds.  Most of the molehill won’t even happen the way our imagination took us on the trip.  Thankfully Imagination is a gift.  Imagination was taken away from the dense dark ones.  When that happens, then all that can be used, is the past limitations.  So negativity uses our imagination and thoughts to limit our selves.


We get what we think! Everything in this universe is made from Dirt Particles of some kind, which brings me back to the reverse of making mountains out of molehills.


Most of us knows what a dollar bill looks like… (molehill).  Can we go to the Mountain and use our amazing gift of imagination to bring us what we want.  If we know one dollar, we can still have trouble imaging S10000.  We don’t have to know how the mountain provides…just that it does when we feel and see it before it happens.  We are in a time of spirals and unlimited possibilities of the NOW.  The difficult thing for many, is not to know HOW the mountain is going to deliver from your imagination before you touch it see it, smell it, taste it …yet you do it everyday in your life.  


First the animal goes to the mountain for the dirt.  Before that, the animal knew the mountain had the dirt. The Mountain provides and the animal builds its desire.  Do you know the Universe of Source has everything for you–LAW OF ATTRACTION—The Universe does not say no if there is a problem. WE DON’T BELIEVE. We know how to build our fears and limitations.


Time to build our Molehill into the Mountain!