Hypnosis is a tool that takes inner concentration to communicate with the subconscious mind using suggestion. It is the pathway to the memory bank, or what I call the “computer” where information from the past is stored, The stored information may be identified, evaluated, updated, and reprogrammed at it’s origin with a high degree of accuracy and detail. Hypnosis is a vital tool for removing blocks that cause emotional interference. The subconscious mind also controls idiomatic physical systems, such as breathing, heart rate, and the automatic body functions. Hypnosis can aid in correcting the physical body.


sub-mindUsing hypnosis involves obtaining a trance or relaxed state of mind, where the subconscious becomes more aware, and the conscious mind (the present moment,) takes a back seat in order to allow access to the memory files. The conscious mind, or the intellect, will usually be aware of everything that is said and done during the sessions. The trance is very similar to your state of the mind right before or after sleep, where you are relaxed, aware of your environment, but are in between being fully awake, and in sleep.


The intellect deals with the present input to the computer, and the subconscious deals with the past, emotions, and automatic response body systems. Whatever way the information goes into the subconscious mind, and is programmed can affect the way we deal with our daily lives. If one wants to change the program, then the tool of hypnosis is a means of reprogramming, and rewriting the script that causes us to react in certain ways. The person, who is the hypnotist, is the programmer, and data processor, that makes suggestions to rewrite the program. This process is much like the software called Dragon Speaking, where you speak into a microphone, and what is spoken appears on the screen.


The process of hypnosis is a natural occurrence and happens all of the time. We are putting suggestions, events and data into the subconscious where it is being used automatically. We are not always aware of the hidden programming that is there. The tool of hypnosis brings it up on the “screen” of consciousness, so we can deal with the subject in an up-dated manner. Some are fearful of what they may find out in the session of hypnosis. My experience is that one has to update its computer and readiness to solve the problem. It has always been what I am not aware of that has caused most of my problems. Once I know the cause, then I will be able to solve it in an effective way.



Hypnotherapy can help unlock the subconscious mind


Hypnosis is a great tool, but only a tool to highlight what is in the subconscious mind. It can be effective for habit breaking, healing, emotional and physical, athletic skills, stress management, readjustment of attitudes, regressions, public speaking, test taking, and most everything that we do.


I am a firm believer that healing should be taught to the individual, so each of us has the ability to make changes. There are times, where I am too attached to a problem, or do not know how to reprogram the information, in order to get the results that I want. A professional, should be skilled in the process, and teach techniques of self- hypnosis so the person can practice the skills for themselves.


Nancy Barr has years of experience as a professional medical hypnotist and consultant to the professions. Sessions and classes are available.

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