BEMER Therapy

Electromagnetic Therapy

Breakthrough in Medical Microcirculation Health and Healing


Bemer Therapy focus on micro circulation.  The Bemer is the most researched and effective vascular technology to improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients by opening up the circulation of the tiny capillaries.  The attention is often given to the arteries, and veins, but without the capillaries that go directly to the cells, vital health and healing is compromised.         





The Bemer is a mattress that sends out electromagnetic waves, and opens the capillaries, within minutes.  This promotes one’s natural healing. The Bemer is safe for most cases, and the results are extremely effective.  Blood thinners, beta-blockers, natural remedies have been known to range from 5-12%, where the Bemer wave ranges up to 30%.  The Bemer is safe, effective, and as easy as lying on the mattress. 


Below are a number of advantages that Bemer microcirculation therapy can heal and assist good health:

  • bemer micro circulationImproved circulation and flow to cell.
  • Improved cell’s nutrients and oxygen.
  • Improved removal of metabolic waists, and toxins.
  • Improved stress relief.
  • Improved immune system and reduced susceptibility to infection.
  • Improved regeneration and repair process.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Acceleration of healing process.
  • Increase of bodily performance and a feeling of well-being.
  • Improved concentration.


bemer-supply-cleanse-grayBemer technology and sports:   

  • Increases anaerobic threshold.
  • Provides faster regeneration.
  • Improve level of training.
  • Better performance potential.
  • Reduces injury risk.
  • Speeds up recovery from injuries.
  • Minimizes training downtime.

Bemer therapy can be used at the same time with other healing models. Reiki, Healing Technigues, and Suggestion coaching can be given at the same time.  This can be a very powerful combination for personal success.



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