All That Is

blue lotusAll That Is offers classes in Spiritual Transformation, Self-realization, Stress Management, Healing, Protection, Intuitive, and provides education in Esoteric principles. ‘All That Is’ is a school of ascension and enlightened principles of living with the Universal Cosmic Laws of the Christ Energy. One does not have to be an expert in esoteric law to ascend but have a desire seeking Truth, Love, Peace, and Harmony for themselves and others.

Within the ‘All That Is’ is the Hanmi Buddhist Mystery School of Esoteric Healing, and Protection. The school offers Dharma practices to students that wish to learn a path of Buddhist Teaching Techniques called Dharmas. The Hanmi school of Esoteric Buddhism is an ancient Chinese Lineage, going back to 650 AD. Our Lineage focuses on Healing, Protection, of Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

alexgrey‘All That Is’ classes are open to all. Some classes accept offerings while some require tuition. Barr also offers personal Coaching, Healing, Surgery Preparation, Abundance, and Manifesting, Meditation, Rejuvenation, Self-love, Forgiveness, Chakra Clearing, Intuitive Readings, Dharma Rites, Weddings, and spiritual and energy Clearings.


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