The Ancient Art of Healing and Balancing the Body

Nancy Barr
Traditional Reiki Master
Dr. Mikao Usui

Dr. Mikao Usui

REIKI (pronounced RAY-KEY) is a Japanese word that means “Life’s Energy or God’s Healing Light”. Reiki is an ancient art and science of healing that brings the body into balance. The healing technique of Reiki was re-discovered by a Japanese Christian, Dr. Mikao Usui, in the early 1800’s.
Reiki is a basic, simple, pure and natural healing where the UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY flows through the hands of the therapist. Reiki is administered by a person who has been “attuned” or opened to channel the healing energies. It is not the therapist energy being used, but the therapist is merely a conduit for the “LIFE ENERGY SOURCE”.
Reiki is compatible with all religions, beliefs, and creeds, age, philosophy and life styles and available for anyone who wants it. There is an energy boost that promotes balance and restores the energy are too weak or blocked to function efficiently. Reiki is often felt through a feeling of heat or tingling and the problem is restored back to it’s original healthy state. Reiki is safe and cannot be done wrong and is efficient and easy holistic approach that can work hand –in–hand with traditional medicines. The number of treatments depends on the problem and the length of time that the person has had it, but relief can be experienced usually within a short time. Anyone can be attuned to work on themselves by a Reiki Teacher and taking instructions.
  • Have more control over your own health and healing.
  • Gentle, effective and non–invasive.
  • Relaxing and helps relieve stress.
  • Economical and can learn to do it for yourself and others.
  • Holistic in it’s approach (works with the total person).
  • Compatible with other treatments including Traditional Medicine.
  • Children respond well.
  • Reiki works well on pets.
  • Reiki helps activate our natural healing defenses.
  • Not demanding or draining (both the giver and the receiver benefit)
  • Effective for complaints of disease, injury and restoring balance to both
  • Emotional locks and body back into balance.
  • There is no need to remove clothing or be in any one type of environment.
  • Reiki can be done anywhere.



REIKI DEGREES (attunements):

FIRST DEGREE – For the person who wish to work in self healing, working on others as a channel for the healing energy and working on animals.
SECOND DEGREE – For the person who has used Reiki one and wants to add speed to the process, add absentee healing and emotional issues that create dysfunction.
THIRD DEGREE – For the person who has done a lot of work in Reiki and are well acclimated to the Reiki process and wants to teach and attune others.

All Reiki degrees have the same effective healing ability.

They are only different in their intent of function.

  • Reiki One Attunement: $150
  • Reiki Two Attunement: $250
  • Reiki Three Attunement: $350
Master Nancy Barr