It's The Norm 06-11-2010

Was invited to attend a very special stage show, by a group of residents (most of whom I would say are members of AARP) in the community known as Sun City Anthem Las Vegas. A friend of this writer, Annette Falcone (yes her husband is the famous Conductor to the Stars, Vince Falcone), who would be performing in the extravaganza, extended the invitation, and a group of us showed up Saturday evening.

The title of the show was, “Magic Moments…A Classic Trip.” And, let me tell you, it definitely was a classic trip through time. With a 10-minute intermission, the production ran nearly three hours, which is my only complaint: War & Peace (the 1956 movie) ran nearly four hours and that was a classic!

The Sun City Anthem Performing Arts Club (you must live in Anthem to be a member) uses this particular venue every year as a fundraiser, and it does very well—raising thousands of dollars which is used for future productions. George Gingerelli conceived and directed the production with Julia Dodson, co-director. What they took on was an unbelievable task, but they pulled it together, and came out with a performance that was fabulous.

I will not even try to name everyone of importance, because they were all important. There were 38 people ranging from stage management to make-up behind the scenes. A total of 15 men and women took care of making sure everyone was ushered to their seats, during the three nights and Sunday afternoon performances.

The first scene sets up the entire evening as Professor Fullercrap and his assistant, Ann Sain, meet with a group of reporters to discuss their newly discovered way to, “Time Travel.” I am purposely not using personal names as every actor, singer, and musician were tremendously important to each and every scene—beginning with the scene from the movie, “Patton” (1970), where the General stood in front of the American Flag and spoke to his troops on June 5, 1944, the day before D-Day. Between that speech and the final sketch from the 1984 music video,” Thriller,” a total of 29 sketches were presented. Some were small presentations, such as “Singing in the Rain,” from the 1952 movie, to extravaganzas like the musical bits from “Les Miserables,” to a great “A Chorus Line,” and “Fiddler on the Roof.”

What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to go to Los Angeles or New York to see some great moments in time. It’s right here, once a year in Anthem, and let me tell you, these senior citizens are terrific and have more energy than a group of teenagers. Just hope that next year they remember that time is important to us Senior Citizens in the audience, too!


The Mob” is coming back to take charge of a small portion of the famous Tropicana Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Yep, gang, you read it right, “The Mob” is back!

Anchored by the largest collection of authentic artifacts, memorabilia, photos and videos of organized crime ever assembled, The Las Vegas Mob Experience” will be an attraction unlike any other, anywhere! The Experience is scheduled to open in December 2010, where the Titanic display was once anchored. It will use the latest in “interactive entertainment technology” to immerse guests in a presentation of the rise and fall of organized crime. Guests will make their way through a theatrical, interactive setting that promises intrigue, mystery and suspense. The special effects, used to present this never before seen content, will set a new standard for attractions such as museums and exhibits worldwide, according to its spokesperson.

What also sets this apart from any other venue, is that guests will also have the opportunity to meet the “family members,” of a number of the men and women, who will be highlighted throughout the Experience. More on this as time closes in on the opening. Needless to say, it should be quite an Experience for young and old alike. I am personally looking forward to the holograms.

Don’t forget to head for The Orleans Showroom this Saturday and Sunday, to see four of the finest entertainers do their thing. Vocal Soup, consisting of Clint Holmes, Susan Anton, Domenick Allen and Martin Nievera, will be grooving and crooning for more than 90 minutes on stage, beginning at 8 p.m. Tickets are priced from $33.00 to $55.00 plus tax.

Well, gang, that’s about it for this week. I’m outa here!