My son Brian told me a story about a person he knows.  He mentioned that person’s life was like a dinghy floating behind another person’s boat.  I never thought of situations quite that way and found that very interesting.  My creative mind started to explore what this could mean to us. 

The definition of “dinghy,” is a small boat that is dragged behind or mounted on a larger boat.  Its purpose is to be a life saver, or to travel into small areas where a larger boat can’t go.  The dinghy waits until needed to serve.  Usually the larger boat owns the dinghy for its utility in serving the larger, without much value until needed.



So, if the dinghy represented a person, or situation, how might this apply to everyday life?  We are all floating around on this “sea” of life.  This can apply to work, relationships, self-esteem, abundance, and quite a few aspects of one’s life. 


Are we a dinghy being pulled along behind someone else, or a participant in an aspect of the mass consciousness that we don’t agree with?  Do we feel that we are being dragged along just for someone elses benefit, and not our own?  Am I really the larger boat but not meeting my potential?




We are vibrational energy.  If I am owned and controlled by something larger, and I am not living up to my potential or higher vibration, then I may not be happy or feel joy.   Did the dinghy take on too much responsibility? Perhaps more than it was ready to handle, because there was a limit on the amount the dinghy could take on?  Does the dinghy realize that it wasn’t created to be a slave, but to explore as a creator what it wants to and was meant to learn?


It occurs to me that a dinghy who is just going along for the ride, might be taking things for granted, and lazily coasting through life.  Aren’t most of us here to expand and grow in a higher vibration?  When an emergency happens, the responsibly of being a savior, or a transporter can be over-whelming.  When the dinghy gets dumped into the water, it could experience fear and all kinds of feelings that impact its personality.  Being dropped in a dangerous sea of water could stir up abandonment issues when it left the larger ship.   However, if the dinghy knows its purpose, then it may be proud to serve.  If the dinghy is left trailing the glamorous bigger boat, could that cause resentment, feelings of rejection, self-doubt?  Or could the larger boat inspire the dinghy for greater things.   If the small boat felt vulnerable, unappreciated, bound and tied against its desires, then there is something amiss.  If the dinghy is unhappy, then it should create a different reality.


If the dingy is happy, just going for the ride, with a purpose of service, and appreciation, of the opportunity to help mankind, then all is good for now.


If not, look in the mirror and see what you are and become the bigger boat!!!!  Get up to speed with your vibration, and stop following other boats that are not for your Highest Good.




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  • RiverSpitit

    This is awesome Nancy. Thank you for the big roll you played in my life. I consider you my teacher that helped me teach mySelf as traverse along the path.

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