Don Rickles, Looking Back at the Comedy Legend

Don Rickles

Gosh darn. Another one of the greats has left us, Don Rickles! Wow, this one is really a huge loss, as if any passing isn’t a big loss, but really, gang, this one goes way back to around 1958-59 (not positive on the year) when one night we stopped off at a little night club in Hollywood, California. We, meaning myself and Joe Louis (the former Heavyweight Champion of the World). We had wrapped up a TV show promoting an up-coming fight, when Joe said let’s go to this place called the Slate Brothers, they have some wild new comedian everyone’s talking about.


We arrive at this small club located on La Cienega Blvd., in West Hollywood. Was it small. I guess SO–it sat about 100, and the stage was like a postage stamp. Fortunately, I was with Mr. Louis as the room was nearly full. One of the brothers (actual twin brothers) was at the door when we approached. I will never forget the short conversation: “Hey, Champ, great to see ya…Mr. Sinatra’s here…would you like me to tell him you’re here?”

That’s the evening I met Frank Sinatra!  Frank moved people around to make room for us and began to warn Joe about this guy named Don Rickles. “He’ll lay you low with insults Joe…I mean this guy gives no mercy…he tore me apart the other night…tonight he’ll have you to pick on.”

Don Rickles with Frank Sinatra

Rickles was hot that night. And, as promised by Sinatra, he tore into the Champ with some great insults, showing no mercy. At the end of the act, Rickles was soaking wet, Sinatra was nearly rolling on the floor from laughter, and Joe Louis had tears from laughing so hard. I was blown away.


As most everyone knows Rickles soon ended up in Las Vegas in the early ‘60s with the help of Mr. Sinatra and the Slate Brothers, who booked him in the Lounge at the Sahara Hotel. By this time, he had a few low budget movies to his credit, and was getting a ton of word-of-mouth endorsements. Frank had dubbed him at one time, “Bullet-Head,” but the two that took the hook was “Mr. Warmth,” and “Merchant of Venom.”

His biggest break came in 1965 when he appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, where he became a regular guest appearing more than 100 times, often when Sinatra was a guest.


Off stage you couldn’t find a better human being. He loved the Los Angeles Dodgers and especially the long-time champion manager, Walter Alston, and later Tommy Lasorda. When I was a sports writer in Los Angeles (1962-65) I remember seeing “Mr. Warmth” sitting in the Dodgers’ dugout as a guest of Mr. Alston. Maybe someday I’ll tell another story as told to me by Mr. Rickles himself, when I interviewed him for a cover story about 30 years ago.


His act was like none other. He would insult anyone and everyone and the people loved it. If you got insulted by Rickles that was considered a compliment. He often picked on me when I would drop in at the Sahara (his first show was usually around midnight or 1:00 a.m.) and the room was always wall-to-wall people. I never had a problem getting a table, as the Maître D knew me. If you didn’t know somebody, forget getting a table. That’s how big he was during the ‘60s and’70s. When he moved down the Strip to work at the then Sands Hotel—where the “Rat Pack” worked the main showroom, it became the hot hotel on the Strip. God those were the nights to remember. Now the last of the Great Ones is gone. Don Rickles joins his pals on a wonderful gold stage where the greatest comedians to ever work a stage are awaiting their man: Standing there with the diamond and gold microphone in his hand is his friend, Frank Sinatra.  And, as he steps on the stage, he’s welcomed by just a few of the greats who arrived on that stage over the years. A few like: Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Jonathan Winters, Red Skelton, George Carlin, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, and Rodney Dangerfield.


 “Hey, you ‘hockey pucks,’ get ready for some great nights…”

Don Rickles…May 8, 1926—April 6, 2017.



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