Zero One Odysseys Experience at The General Tire Mint 400

UPDATE: Just learned that the mighty Boyd Group had a major turnover of top executives take place Tuesday at Corporate Headquarters. I heard that four Vice-Presidents were told to turn in their keys, and a number of lesser executives were also let go. You might call it “The Crucifying of the Old Guard.” Sadly, among those V-P’s that were let go, Jim Seagraves, V-P of Public Relations, and an employee for more than 25 years, and considered one of the best in the business. Jim will be missed by his thousands of friends.


You too can get down and dirty at the Mint 400!

Got lots to talk about this week, regarding two various forms of auto racing in Las Vegas.  And, someone can also enter and win a chance to drive a race car and possibly, compete in a world famous race. There is also, if you have the bucks in your hip pocket, the ability to actually rent, for a few days, an off-road  race car, to compete in one of the greatest races in the world.  Does that get your adrenaline pumping yet?

I just might be slightly prejudice with that statement, but when you have more than 325 various types of four-wheeled vehicles, competing on a 100 mile race course, cut from the desert of Southern Nevada, I sorta think it has to rate right up there near the top of the ladder? Oh well, granted the Indy 500 is big, and the Daytona 500 is huge, but, gang, the General Tire Mint 400 is a Monster! And where is the legendary Mint 400 raced? Why in Las Vegas, where else?

Now, about that renting and winning a race car for a few days. Zero One Racing has signed a deal with Mad Media (they own and produce the famous off-road race) to allow a few special individuals (it won’t be cheap, gang) to come to Las Vegas the week of the Mint 400 (March 21-24), to arrive, go through training with professional race driver, attend all the special parties, go through the tech inspection held under the famous Downtown Experience (formerly, Fremont Street), and to go to the starting line of the Mint 400.  And, should you be brave enough, go for broke and eat lots of dirt for a couple of 100 mile laps. You just might be able to do just that!

That’s right, you can race in the legendary desert race that captured the imagination of world-renowned racers such as; Parnelli Jones, Al Unser, Rick Mears, Rodger Ward, Mickey Thompson, Ivan Stewart, Jack Flannery, Walker Evans, and Rod Hall have all competed in. Be a part of the rich history of “The Great American Off-Road Race,” joining the ranks of movie and television stars James Garner and Steve McQueen; Comedian, Mort Sahl; and Astronaut, Gordon Cooper. Part race, part party, there is no other race experience like The Mint 400.

Zero One Odysseys is a premier off-road adventure group based in Las Vegas. From tours to races, Zero One Odysseys caters to the untamed spirit in all of us. And now, with Zero One Racing, you can climb behind the wheel of our professionally maintained off-road race vehicles and let their friendly and experienced staff give you the thrill of a lifetime. From fully race-prepped off-road cars, to driver training, to VIP experiences – Zero One Racing delivers a premium arrive and race program.
“This is the perfect way for the average adrenaline junkie to come out and rent a race vehicle, be a part of The Great American Off-Road Race, and have the experience of a lifetime,” Matt Martelli, owner of the Mint 400, said. “Zero One does a great job of getting any race-inspired person up to speed, so they can come and have a great time, and be competitive.” David Whitehead, of Zero One, went on to say, “Racing in The General Tire Mint 400 takes our program to a whole new level. Most people spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars getting to race The Mint; our ‘arrive and race’ program makes it easy, safe, and lets our clients concentrate on the parts that matter to them – driving, parties and winning (in whatever order they decide). Our drivers have fun, we handle the stress.”

Limited Vehicles are available. Contact Zero One Racing at 702-533-5591, [email protected].  Now, how to win a Zero One Odysseys experience, a three-day Zero One Odysseys experience, including two Driving days valued at $4,000? All you have to do is tag yourself in the Zero One contest image on the Mint 400 Facebook page –, and share it on your page. Then enter all your contact info on The Mint 400 Zero One contest page: That seems pretty easy to me. If you do it right, you will be entered to win a three-day Zero One Odysseys experience, which includes lodging and food. Not including alcohol, gratuity, or transportation to Las Vegas.

Want to feel what the Boys of Thunder feel?
Donate $30 this Sunday and drive three laps on the speedway.

Now, for another unusual experience.  Have you ever sat at home and watched an Indy type race, or a NASCAR race, and wondered just how hard it is to make nothing but left turns, on a 1½ mile super-speedway–at speed? Or why they don’t actually race a car like you drive? Well, you can get a little taste of this on Sunday, Jan. 27, from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Now don’t go bonkers and think you’re going to race a real race car on the high banks. No way, hoss! But, for making a donation to the Las Vegas Chapter of Speedway Children’s Charities,  you’ll take your personal car on those high banks at the speedway, for three laps at speed (behind a pace car, and speed will be limited to 75 mph at the highest). Yep, gang, for $30 bucks, you’ll have that unique opportunity. And, should you want to drive an extra three laps, for another $20 bill, you can do that too. NASCAR fans and auto enthusiasts Laps for Charity is open to all licensed drivers, 18 years of age and older, and all occupants of the car must be at least 16 years of age or older. The vehicle must be street legal. Drivers must have valid license and proof of insurance. Car clubs and company fleets are welcome to participate.

This unusual event is in its third year, and is sponsored by the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, The CW/MY LVTV, Lotus Broadcasting and the Las Vegas Review-Journal. All proceeds from Laps for Charity will benefit the Las Vegas Chapter of Speedway Children’s Charities. More than 800 cars were entered in last year’s event, and $32,000 was raised for local children’s causes. Participants may register online at  For more information, please call Paulette Anderson at (702) 632-8242.

Well, gang, that’s about it for me this week. I’m outa here!

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