This pandemic surprised many.  It came rushing in.  It appeared to just pop up effecting the whole world one way or another, within days, weeks, and months.  The virus isn’t even alive…but it had the power to affect us all in some way..

I believe that God, Source, Creator, is taking back the planet.  We are in a massive change of consciousness.  The next surprise and pandemic will be Love, compassion, peace, harmony, and freedom.  Yes, it takes a stay inside, and self-care.  Yes, it takes a letting go and change of attitude and behavior. 

Yes, it takes a Choice towards survival of Life and Reality.  Yes, it takes listening, instead of all false, fake, and old belief systems.  It swaps believing to knowing. This pandemic of Love, compassion, and Higher thoughts and action is a cure.  It is ancient. The new age has changed all the rules to Higher knowing.  It is spontaneous instead of the false planning that comes from  the past trying to push us into a false future.

This pandemic follows Universal Law of Life and asks us to let go of the false delusion of fear and slavery.  Just like the virus…it just is, what it is or isn’t.  We were all effected in some way.  We all had to be stretched out of our comfort zone for survival in one way or another…Love Is the only pandemic that will effect and surprise humanity, like no other time…instead if closing down hearts…It opens us to a new Reality like never before! 

Just like this virus, it can effect anyone.  Just like all of the incredible care takers and first-responders …they risk everything to prevent death and suffering… this is now a time of risking to be Alive and Free.

Both were necessary! Both takes courage! Both leads to the same place! One is just more permanent, and the other, needs to go.

 This is what I see….

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