The Pain of Disappointment

Disappointment is one of the most common disabilities we may go through.  Many times it is compounded with a number of themes in our life, to where we may think that life is hopeless, and things will never change.  How does the negativity of this world set us up for disappointment and what can we do about it?

First of all, the Pisces Age brought us into a false suffering universe of contrast, so we could learn faster.  Most of what we learn in this lifetime, was created in the first seven years of a child’s life.  As of 2012, all of our past lives came to the surface, so we can clean them up. We are having our computer programs running all at once.  While the themes may be the same in the past, it can be confusing if that past life program runs stronger than our present one.  Living in a false, suffering computer program, and conquering the obstacles by evolving in consciousness we rise out of the false, and suffering.  This life theme involves three aspects: unforgivenessharmful actions, and negative beliefs.  The difficult part of this, is the history lies secretly deep in our cell, and DNA memory.  So what does this have to do with disappointment?

Unforgiveness, Harmful Actions and Negative Beliefs

You can’t have disappointment without expectation, belief systems, concepts, and attachment. That means for various reasons, you are drawing from the past. Again, much of the information is distorted, someone else’s concepts, outdated or not reality.  We build our expectations from this stockpile of experiences of right and wrong, good or bad, and true or not true.  Many have expectations of other’s. “They need to change and think and behave like me.  People need to do what I want them to.  They are jerks because they won’t be my slave, and bow down to my ego.”   There are all kinds of concepts stemming from the ego and its importance and arrogance. Ego help us build expectations based on learned beliefs or experience that we have attracted to us.  Have a concept and it will be broken or fail!  It has to because it is based from ego and not true. In order to plan, you have to go back to the past that is questionable if it will serve you.  Be closed minded that you have all the answers by yourself and for others {control)…it will lead you to conflict and resentment where your ideas will be challenged.

What happened when I was sure I would get this job, or promises in commitment?  What happened in relationships, life, medical, religious, economic, politics …all kinds of expectations that were not fulfilled according to my idea what should be?  One thing you can count on using the rules of this last age…anything can change at any time in duality.  You can’t always trust the results of what you think you know.  This is why we are so messed up and stressed.  Who, what,  and me, can be trusted to be Real? 

People all have different experience and ideas…not all are alike.  In the suffering universe that we were in, that was a rule of the computer program.  Have a plan and it can change.  Have a concept of right and wrong, good or bad, yes or no…it can be either one, depending on you or who/ what you’re dealing with.  This past Age was not scripted for fairness.

New Age

We are in a new Age Now.  Rules have changed.  Don’t have expectations; be open and free; understand the Universe is working with you now for your Highest good, let go of attachment that causes all pain, be in the present, and let go of the past, and know you are destined and can attract everything you want in magical, unlimited ways that will free you.

So how do I stop the pain of disappointment…meditate, program what you want, see it already done, and let go…stop thinking and have the courage to change.  Walk out of Suffering and false by using your own freewill.  You won’t be disappointed when something doesn’t happen, because you will know something better is yours to own.


Nancy Barr, Chan Hai Delun 

“All that Is…”


Nancy Barr, Spiritual Teacher and Ascension Coach, Healing Tools, Meditation, Columnist, Speaker, Private Sessions, and Classes.  

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