Welcome to the Golden Age

Here we are again–ending a one-year cycle and starting a New Year cycle.  Many of us have felt that 2019 was challenging…some even felt it was very challenging.  If you are skeptical of the year 2020 bringing in changes, and doubt if it is going to affect your life in a big way, then you are in for a big surprise.

Age of Aquarius

“I like to think of God/Source/Creator/Higher Frequency, is taking back the Planet.”  We have a new Age of Aquarius, and that alone has changed all the rules.  If you don’t think so…How is planning working for you?  If you are feeling negative and trying to create positive things in your life…how is that working for you?  Have you noticed all the chaos, narcissistic, fear-based behavior?  How many of us need more negativity to convince us that change is needed, and want more control over our Reality?

This is the last Age of a long, long cycle of duality, in a journey of the material experience.  The last age of Pieces was a cycle where we went through what is called “The Fall.” We came into the lower level and dimension in such an extent that it put us in a false and negative matrix.  A computer program where “All Truth” was changed to opposite or backwards.  Truth = Life, and False = evil.     Then a Spirit came to equal the odds, which created duality.  False and duality is ending!   This Age, and year 2020 is bringing in the “malware and virus scan.”  Welcome to the Golden Age. 

Welcome to the Golden Age

So what happens now?  Everything and everyone will be ascending to a higher dimension of consciousness when the time is right for our “Highest Good.”  We are in a photon belt headed towards our cycle around the Central Sun…and everyone who has Spirit has the Right to choose and change their Reality…just because it feels right.  Manipulation, obligation, slavery, fear, false, and the false programs are being dissolved to the True matrix of Love.  That was what the True Prophets and Teachers were here for: to teach a Human Race who never had a fair chance…and their program was hacked from the very beginning. This young race only had one age to get ready for the ascension, unlike others in the universe…who had thousands and millions years of evolution.  We made it in 2012!  (I will be writing a lot more on this, if you are interested, be sure to tune in and read my columns.)

So back to year 2020, and what happened before…it is about awareness and letting go of what is false for us.  It is about making different choices. All it takes is to choose and say NO to this false world of suffering. Is shutting it down. You will see this happening big time from this point on.  There are those leaving the planet and moving forward, and there are those of us who will be involved in the transition here.

What Happens Now

So, what is our fate now in 2020?  To let go and remove ourselves out of suffering.  To stop relying on the contaminated thinking and come from the Heart. To be in the present and let go of the past that does not bring in the new Reality of unlimited, opportunity.  To understand the Spiral of Higher opportunity, that will give us access to the whole ocean, rather than a mere drop.  Higher dimension is not negative, nor lateral.

Happy New Year means find your Happiness…You just have the best chance to obtain it than we have ever had here on our planet…Just do not fall into the trip of programming the past.  The past can only lead if you stay limited on what you experience in the false matrix.

I know this column turned out to be a lot longer than I anticipated, but I will produce shorter versions in the future.


Nancy Barr, Chan Hai Delun 

“All that Is…”


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