While the cycles or incarnation repeat themselves, again and again, this time is different than any other period in the history of the Earth. The Golden Age Invites Humanity to walk out of the Illusion, and vibrate at a Higher Frequency of Peace and Harmony. In fact, all life will be affected by the changes that have already started.


"Many are hypnotized by the forces"

“Many are hypnotized by forces”

I know! I know! It’s hard to believe what I just said ringing true because of what the world looks like at this moment. Discernment is not always easy for us to know what is really the truth, or what to do to gain Peace and Joy. For some, they believe they must die or leave this earth, before that is possible. Politics, disease, war, and lack of abundance for many does not always show the mercy that is coming to earth. Many are hypnotized by the forces that create and teach fear based on reality. In every given circumstance, there are choices of what reality we choose to attract to us. The illusion has been so strongly programed, that many are unaware of the options that are much more pleasant than what an illusion can offer.


Beliefs are based on perception and concepts. Knowledge is based on a Reality of Source. It is much more effective to know, than to guess through everyone’s perceptions and beliefs. There are no two individuals exactly alike. We are all unique. Therefore, each of us have had a different history, and will view all experiences differently, unless we are programed not to think for ourselves, and trust our own experience and feelings. Like it or not, we are being manipulated, and controlled.


From my experience, if you see yourself as a victim, or victimizer, then you are experiencing an illusion. If you are in Reality of Source, you would know you are a part of a Divine Spirit on a journey to experience whatever you wanted and needed to learn. The material world is a computer program, or Matrix. It is a play that we enter to experience contrast and work our way back to Reality. The purpose originally was set up for expansion and learning through duality. On earth this program has a “virus” that is trying to cheat us out of our inheritance. It will never work! Time is up. Time and mind are the same thing. No matter what illusion is playing, it does not have Universal Law on its side. It will change, and has to change. It will change the direction of the Universal Law, or it will go into chaos. Only the illusion can be destroyed, not the Spirit, Knowledge, or Wisdom. The evolution of real perception of learning has to align with Universal Law of Source in order to become Conscious Reality from which it came…The Real Self.


So how can we tell the illusion from Reality? To discern its characteristics:


Illusions are false realities

Illusions are false realities

An illusion is a very strong concept that is fake…a very, very, very strong belief that makes it seem real. An illusion is false, deceiving, misleading, perception, concept, impression, housed in a “belief.” Illusions that is always changing, because they are not real. They change as people change. As we learn, and open to Truth, the illusion will change individually, and then in mass according too free -will.


A perception or concept is how we identify, organize, interpret, understand, experience from the outside, along with thought of someone and something. This is done through our senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, time and space. Perception is where our belief systems come from. The senses influence our thought and feelings. Everyone’s perception is different, because there are no two individuals the same. Perception is the product of duality…good -bad, right-wrong, and true-untrue. One person’s truth, is another’s lie. Perception is how we learn, and expand. Different views of the same themes teach opposite sides of the experience. It is the path to experience, plus knowledge equals Wisdom.


Reality is the State of being Real of Source. It is about Knowing, Wisdom, Truth and Unity. It exists independently, and stands on its own. Reality resides in all things. It is a choice that stems from openness of wanting to know The Real Self and the Creator. Reality is the quality state of Being. Reality is the Universal Law that governs the Universe and does not change in this Matrix.


One does not have to become Reality. It’s about undoing the Illusion.

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