Our Computer Got Hacked

The Law of Attraction

subconscious-wiresharkThe Universal Law of Attraction states that everything starts with thought. That means when we focus on thought, it manifests. The journey of the flesh in the material world, is very much like a computer program. The better we understand this concept, the easier it is to understand what we are going through. Mind is the “the application” that holds and then decides action on thought. The Subconscious is the “cloud” that stores and records thought.

The virus, and malware is the crazy “chatter” and white noise that goes through my head.  I attract everything I think, and that makes thought very important. I am the programmer. Or am I? Is there a hacker? What does this mean to me personally?


The story of the Humanity and the matrix:



The Conscious mind is the logic part of the mind. We are creators and this where our thought is supposed to originate from. Notice I said supposed to. The conscious mind has freewill to experience whatever the soul chooses to learn. The Human Being was given a great gift, that many other kinds of beings don’t have. We have the ability to create anything and everything we think of. In the Human Being’s present state of awareness, however, creativity is often taken for granted. We do not realize that we are creating what manifests in our lives. We also don’t realize what is created, can be changed.


To be a creator, is a big responsibility. The Human Race is very, very good at creating. We were given the freedom in this material world to create, and the power to manifest whatever we wanted to experience and to expand our knowledge of. Source provided the material worlds of flesh so we can learn from trial and error, cause and effect, and the Law of Attraction. This allowed us to experiment and learn without doing damage to our Spirit Soul.


The earth soul experience, is much like walking into a Television show. We play out a character, and draw other characters into our play. The original plan was to attract situations that we wanted to learn from. This experience is not always fun and it is sometimes difficult to believe that we attracted it although our thoughts, beliefs and emotions did! The characters, in our play write their own scripts, and have others share it. The thoughts go to the mind and are interpreted by our senses, chemical, and electrical reactions of the mind. If the thoughts have a virus or are contaminated, then this changes the original intent.


Our Conscious Minds split into intuition and intellect. Intuition comes from the higher realms, and intellect comes from the logic mind of experience. The idea was to have a balance between the intuition, intellect and Source. That would allow us to remember why we are here, and our purpose for coming here in the first place. Balance would bring understanding of what we experienced and learned. This would lead to knowledge, and then to wisdom.




Our programs, however, got corrupted with help from outside interferences. There is an overlay program on the original program, and it distorts the original program although it can only copy and distort and not create. This copy is opposite, and false. The soul gave up much of the creative freedom because of fear of consequence and punishment. The mind was trained to calculate risk, and the soul was fed shame and quilt. The soul often blindly follows group consciousness, instead of the soul’s own experience. If intuition seeps in, the gut feeling is often at odds with the corrupted rules.


Luckily, there are two computer programs, running simultaneously: The original which is the “One,” and that we are returning to. It’s a lot more fun, and doesn’t have the suffering applications written into it. The other is the copy that corrupted the original into opposite and falsity.  This program is getting squeezed out of this reality. This why the false programmers of that are fighting so hard to maintain its existing control.


The Law of Attraction gives the Human the ability to create a virus scan of this false program’s destruction. No longer will the Human Being be enslaved, and limited. The teaching of fear, quilt, shame, limitation, sabotaging, hatred, and manipulation is becoming uncomfortable to many. At the same time, changing the way we think, and what the mind has learned is uncomfortable. This along with outside interferences causes many souls to be in confusion. Confusion is when the heart and mind are at conflict with too many thoughts separating the harmony and balance of intuition, intellects, and Source. The chatter that results and contributes to this is a parasite whose purpose is to confuse the mind. Chatter goes on and on! We are tossed around like a ping-pong ball, with the intent to confuse and distracts us from the solution of change. This influence is a malware, add on, a plug, and not you at all. So, what are we to do with this corrupted computer and its applications traversing lifetimes?




The false programmers had a plan but the Creator had a better one. The false programmers knew that the Human creators were a threat and dangerous. The human was a Being and creator of their own reality. They could dismiss false programmers as controllers. The human may have been made of “dirt,” but it is being given a Spirit. The Universe cannot say no to what we focus on. If its negative, then that is what we get. What we focus on or believe, we will create more of. Flip the thoughts, change the mind, and motive, and the Universe cannot say no to a happier outcome. One might say “it can’t be done…my problem is “real.” That is not the point. The point is what do you want to create?


The cosmic Law of Recourse dictates that we are never stuck in the past, and can always change our situation. When you are starting to go somewhere, you first leave your garage and begin driving to a destination. Do you keep your attention on the garage, or where you are going and what will take you there?


So, what does this mean? Remember, those programmers that wrote the false programs are getting squeezed out, and the Human Being is waking up and starting to think for themselves. The idea of manipulation and control that has been put into the DNA thousands of years ago is changing back to the original program.  Thus, some may feel a sense of “NOOOOOOO! Something does not feel right here. My thoughts, mind, and Spirit…does not think so. Something does not add up. We are walking out of this program. I’ve changed my mind!


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