Defending the Truth

We all get lessons, and we recognize the importance of that lesson, but for some reason we stop practicing what we learned.  Defending my perception of the truth is one of them.


TruthQuite awhile ago, I was the focus of a lie and character assassination.  I was so shocked when it happened, and that anyone who knew me could possibly believe the distorted truth.  In those days I was crushed, and hurt–I had been betrayed by a few close associates.  I was naive.  I was first experienced fear that it might affect my business and life.  I had a hard time understanding how anyone could do such a thing…why?  I gave so much!  I did so much!  I was so consistent with my Spiritual life…at that time, I pretty much walked the walk…talked the talk.  I understand now why it happened.  It created an opportunity for learning. 


I was lucky!  I prayed and got advice from a Higher Source to guide me.  The Spirit Source was the prophet Yogananda.  He would coach by telling me to believe in the truth to set me free.  My experience became a lesson of truth needs no defense.  That was hard to do!  The ego pulled hard to strike back, but I knew not to retaliate with like behavior.  I would meditate and ask for a lot of help, as the attacks became more intense.  My heart was in the right place, but the fear in my mind made it still seemingly dangerous.




Yogananda would visit again, and tell me the same thing.  Truth will defend itself and will always show itself.  Discern and stay focused in the truth… it will set you free.  One day I was feeling weak and a bit fearful in the illusion that I was acting out. I asked Yogananda how I was so lucky to get his help.  He waved his finger, and said “because I am really good at what you need to learn!” That he was!


I practiced that truth for a long time.  Other things occurred, but I would go back to the lesson that set me free.  The truth got shown.  I got cleared and was upheld through the trials that I attracted.  All is good right?


In the past three years, here I am again.  I step into difficult situations, finding myself defending myself.  The trap was thinking…certainly if I explain enough the logic and reason, it will fix the situation and stop the misconception. Wrong!  The more I explained and defended, the worse things got.  Here is why:


  1. Judgment comes from the false lower energy. It lacks knowledge of the divine.
  2. Judgment can’t defend truth, and false is false.
  3. Judgment comes from the ego. Judgment may be half truth, and half-false, which makes it false.  False is a distorted perception.
  4. The reason truth does not need defending, is because it is, and will always show itself for what it is eventually.
  5. The evil is not interested in truth, and certainly won’t defend it. Evil only wants to separate, and eat off the chaos.
  6. People will hear what they want to hear, and believe what they want to believe in lower vibration minds, and it will take Light to open the hearts and mind.
  7. The lesson is to be free of all attachment. Be free of fear, of what people think if it is not aligned with your knowing. Be free of negative having more power than Light and Truth.  Be free that you’re not a victim and a victimizer has control over you.
  8. Illusion of the unreal will never last, and will always have to give way to the High Vibration.  If you Light the Light in a      room, the dark room can not stay dark.  When the sun rises, the night must surrender.
  9. Simply state the truth. If you must keep repeating and explaining, then it’s not being accepted.


In civil courts, the burden of truth relies on the individuals to prove their case.  In criminal law, its up to the state and federal government to prove the truth.  This is tricky, because both rely on the human to discern.  Both civil and governments, create a climate of defending.  There are great big Justice plagues in the courtroom.  Trials make people swear to truth.  The big plague above the judge’s head commands truth…so where do we go wrong when justice is not served?  One must add Spiritual High Level vibration to uphold the promise that is made in our courts.


Embrace Truth

Embrace Truth

Defending Truth just gets difficult.  Not easy to argue with demons and the illusion.  We need to discern, understand our truth, and be honest.  Ask for no more-no less than the truth.  Embrace truth, no matter how scary.  Honor other’s right to be wrong or right from their perspective, and have faith that some kind of meditation will result.  It is difficult to respect truth if out of fear we lie, or don’t stand in our truth.  With all the false around us in this false matrix, one must seek inside to be in oneness with truth. We need to merge with Source that is a Higher vibration.  In this lower false matrix, truth is not upheld and the truth often get punished when Source is not involved.  There is change coming that will spotlight truth.  What we do with truth will still be up to each of us to discern, but we will have a fair chance to experience the truth.  Truth will protect us despite what is happening.


One thing I know…the more you defend and explain on this false matrix, the more resistance, and distraction will come with it.  Truth is simple, not complex.  Good luck trying to beat the dark at its own game.  The false is ruthless, and cares about no one.  You never win an argument, nor will the narcissus evil have anyone or thing above itself… it is a no-win.


So, focus and stay in your truth with Higher Vibration, and have faith in the Law of Attraction bringing the truth forward with Source…it will be upheld.  You’ll find the True Matrix inside–and it will defend you.


Truth will set us free.


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