Music From the Heart with Esteban and Teresa Joy Paul at LVH

Esteban and his guitar

A few months ago this reporter met a man who has since become a very close friend. He plays a guitar and his daughter plays a violin. I know, there’s a lot of men and women who play guitars and violins, but not like this pair. They, being the legendary Esteban, and his daughter, Teresa Joy Paul, and her magical violin.  What the duo do with their instruments, most musicians only dream of doing.

This Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012, Esteban and Teresa, open for a three month engagement in the Shimmer Cabaret, at the LVH Hotel (formerly the Hilton), where they will present a completely new show, “Music From the Heart,” every Thursday and Friday evening at 8:30 p.m. In January the duo adds Saturday nights on the 5th, 12th and 19th to the schedule.

Esteban was born Stephen Paul in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a son of a steel mill worker, which was expected to be the youngster’s destiny when he grew old enough to go to work. But fate stepped in when he was given a guitar at the age of eight. After years of self-study, and some lessons in high school, Paul chose to attend the Carnegie Mellon University, when he was offered a musical scholarship in classical guitar. “That scholarship changed my life,” Paul has said later. Following graduation, he pursued one more dream, to meet and hopefully talk the Master of the Classical guitar, Andres Segovia, into allowing him to study in his Masters Class in Spain. After nearly two-years of writing notes, Stephen was invited to audition for the great one in Los Angeles.

Stephen Paul was accepted, and with the few dollars he had saved, was off to Santiago de Compostela, Spain, to study in Segovia’s Master Class. After completion of those classes, Paul was asked to study privately with the teacher in his famous 4th floor studio in Madrid. For four years, he studied during the day, and played the guitar on the streets at night for change. When the Master thought his student was ready to leave in 1978, he gave him the name that would become legendary, “Esteban.”

Teresa Joy and her violin

No sooner had Esteban began to play the guitar and make a living in America, than fate again stepped in and almost destroyed his dream. On a dark highway in Arizona, Esteban was driving home when a drunk driver crossed into his lane and hit him head-on. Esteban was rushed to a hospital and his condition was declared critical. But, like Esteban has said openly often, God had plans for him. When he left the hospital, he was blind in one eye, and his left arm was almost useless with terrible nerve damage. For the next 10 years, he would exercise his arms, and play the guitar, praying for his arm to heal so he could play like he had been taught. Meanwhile he took whatever job he could to provide for his family, “I had to make a living.  After all I had a family I was responsible for.”

Near the end of the ‘80s, Esteban’s left arm felt strong and powerful once again. He could play the guitar like Segovia had taught him. He began slowly in Phoenix, Arizona, and was soon in demand all over Arizona. His recordings have topped the Billboard charts many times, with numerous top 10 albums, videos and DVDs. The masterful guitarist has gone where no other guitarist has ever been: featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, and has set record-setting sales on the Home Shopping Network that will never be topped.

During his recovery, his daughter, Teresa Joy Paul, began playing the violin, and by the age of seven, was studying with the noted violinist, Moshe Bukhspan. Teresa went on to join the Arizona Metropolitan Youth Symphony, and graduated from the New School for the Arts in Scottsdale, Ariz. When she was 15, Esteban asked Teresa to join him in recording a Christmas Album, “What Child is This,” which went on to top the Billboard Charts. Teresa has been touring with her father since 2004, and not only is she a dynamic violinist, but she dances like a gypsy on stage, feeling every note that lives inside her heart and soul.

Esteban’s concerts are memorable moments of the heart and soul, and range from classical music like, “Fuego Muleguena,” to Pop music like Elvis’ “Love Me Tender,” and the Beatles, “Eleanor Rigby.” For more information and prices, call the LVH box office at 702-732-5111, or 800-222-5361, and on the internet at


The Nevada Desert at Sunset

The city of Henderson has recently released its 2013 spring event schedule. The calendar features one of the country’s biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, the city’s 60th Anniversary, a special Mother’s Day weekend tradition, a world championship bowling tournament, and a championship off-road race. All events are affordable, most with complimentary admission, and fit for all ages. In April Henderson celebrates a huge milestone, turning 60. In honor of this historic anniversary, the premier city is planning a special celebration during its time-honored tradition, the Heritage Parade & Festival. Each year, the event commemorates Henderson’s rich legacy, from its days as a small industrial town built to supply magnesium for the Allies during World War II, to the award-winning, premier city of today. A leader in hosting high-profile international sports competitions, including the Ironman World Championship 70.3 and U.S. Open Synchronized Swimming Championships, Henderson is set to be home to the 2013 World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA) World Championships. The first global bowling event held in Henderson, the city was selected by the federation over Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and Munich, Germany. The international playoff attracts the best bowlers from around the globe, competing for the gold during the 14-day tournament. For more information on special events or performances in Henderson, visit, or call the city of Henderson Department of Cultural Arts & Tourism at (702) 267-2171.

The Scintas

A performance by comedy and musical group, The Scintas, kicks off the 2013 entertainment series in the M Pavilion at M Resort.  The popular variety act, who were discovered at the Cabaret room at the then Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, and later had a long and illustrious career at the Rio Hotel & Casino, will take the stage Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $19.50 and $29.50 (plus LET) and may be purchased through Ticketmaster by calling 800-745-3000, by visiting any Ticketmaster location, online at or at the M Box Office located at Player Services. The performance line-up at the M Pavilion also includes, “Sinatra Forever,” starring Rick Michel, and a 24-piece orchestra, February 23.  Michel has been called “the closest thing to Sinatra we have ever heard,” by VarietyThe Four Tops hit the stage on March 9; “Lights Out: A Tribute to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons,” offers a spectacular performance on April 27 and spans five decades of unforgettable Four Seasons songs.  The legendary Engelbert Humperdinck brings his charismatic charm to the M Pavilion on July 27. For more information on upcoming M Resort entertainment, please visit

Well, gang, here’s hoping you had an enjoyable Christmas and that you have a great 2013. One of my wishes will be that Congress gets off their butts and begins to do the right thing for the people of America—that means they will have to forget the back pocket for a change, and actually think of what’s good for us, and not the big corporations. I’m outa here!

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